Men’s Gift – Give Them Something Manly

Men are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. They unlike women do not favor jewelry and clothing does not seem as important to them. Men’s gifts or gifts that are geared toward men have improved over the years.


Men’s gifts have always historically revolved around cologne gift sets or ties. Evidently not much thought was given into what a man would really appreciate. The earliest gift sets were simply a bottle of cologne and some aftershave maybe. These gift sets have evolved with time and now there is an array of sets that are geared toward personal likes.

Sport Gifts

Many men like to play golf. Many gift sets are geared toward the golf lover. There may be golf balls and tees and cologne all in one set. Race fans might get a ball cap and some cologne. There are plenty of gifts that are geared toward the sports fan. Some of these gift sets are every unique and offer one of a kind items. Some are very generic and made to meet a lot of different tastes and desires. Men’s gifts for the sporting man can also be a combination of items that the recipient might enjoy. Like for the golf enthusiast a pass for a day on the links. Maybe some tickets for the next race for the race fan. A ticket to any sporting event that is favored is a great gift idea and is definitely a break from cologne and ties.

Tools as Gifts

Many men like to work with their hands or have a hobby that they pursue, there are plenty of great men’s gifts that come prepackaged and are geared toward a particular hobby or activity. Tools make great gifts of course they are only appreciated by those that want to work with tools or enjoy working with them.


Many men are just as fashion conscious as their female counterpart, which makes a gift of clothing a good choice. From great fitting trousers, pants and slacks to comfortable sweaters, shirts and tees, there is a clothing item out there for any man’s taste.

The Old Standards

Men’s gifts that are pre packaged cologne gift sets or tie sets are still oldies but goodies, some men really appreciate these type of gifts of course no one wants the same gifts over and over again, but once in awhile it is nice to receive something that is familiar.

Gift an Invaluable Item to Bridge Your Relationships

A Gift is something that can mean much more than words or actions. It can work magic on many occasions, helping you convey your feelings, thoughts and wishes in a very beautiful way. Gifts can have different synonyms for different people. While they can be a well deserved reward or results for someone who is very hard working, they can also be something special bestowed upon us, like a talent. Gifts can even be something that’s more substantial, like a birthday present. They can make someone feel special and loved. Now, we will concentrate on the products and gift articles that can be selected by you to surprise your beloved ones.

Thus, a gift is an invaluable item that generally helps in bonding people. Arguments, or quarrels or misunderstandings that usually arise in relationships can be sorted out or patched up with the right kind of gift.

Gifts can be of different kinds. Even the tastes of people can be of varied sorts. It is not necessary that you buy expensive gifts to please or impress or make someone feel happy. Gifts can be simple, but it is essential that they attract the person who is going to receive them. Here are a few tips and ideas of gifts for specific persons and specific occasions.

Let us first see kids’ category. Normally, kids are quarrelsome and it sometimes gets pretty difficult to control them. For infants, you can get toys as gifts. You can even gift bibs, scarves, shoes, mittens, hats, beanies etc. It is really easy to satisfy infants with simple gifts. They will keep their mouths ajar if they see these kinds of gifts and we can easily control them. Similarly, parents can encourage their children with gifts. This can surely boost up the kids and they will excel in their activities. You can provide them with gift baskets full of toys which will make them feel as if they are in heaven. You can get word games and puzzles too, which will help them improve their vocabulary and memory.

If you want to impress a girl or if you’ve just had a tiff with your girl friend, then gifts are the best solution. You just need to keep an eye open for her likes and dislikes, and choose your gift accordingly. Usually flowers can do the trick. Or let’s say she is crazy about Metallica and then buy her the latest MP3 of the band. Similarly, if she is a great Manchester United fan, buy two tickets for an MU match and invite her. This is also applicable for boyfriends. Girls can choose gifts that suit the tastes of their boyfriends. Something like getting 2 tickets to watch a cricket match at Lords, or some gadget can prove to be effective gifts.

Likewise, a rift between spouses can be closed with a gift. A sensible gift can help many marriages from falling apart.

Even corporates can use gifts to maintain a good rapport with clients. Special offers, price deductions, gift vouchers and more can help strengthen relationships between companies and customers. Thus gifts can be used as effective tools to bridge all kinds of gaps.

Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every couple is different and every anniversary gift should be equally unique. Unique anniversary gift ideas are easier to come by than you may have originally thought. Even if you’re running very short on time you will still find unique gift ideas below.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year:
We are all aware that, traditionally, each anniversary has a certain type of gift attributed to it. According to this is the modern list of anniversary gifts by year:

Year 1: Paper

Year 2: Cotton

Year 3: Leather

Year 4: Fruit/Flowers

Year 5: Wood

Year 6: Candy/Iron

Year 7: Wool/Copper

Year 8: Bronze/Pottery

Year 9: Pottery/Willow

Year 10: Tin/Aluminum

Year 11: Steel

Year 12: Silk/Linen

Year 13: Lace

Year 14: Ivory

Year 15: Crystal

Year 20: China

Year 25: Silver

Year 30: Pearl

Year 35: Coral

Year 40: Ruby

Year 45: Sapphire

Year 50: Gold

Year 55: Emerald

Year 60: Diamond

While these things may be traditional, the list of course, is not a list you need to stick to religiously… or at all for that. However, it can be fun to put a spin on this list. For instance, year 14, ivory; for a cute joke buy them something nice as well as a bar of ivory soap and proclaim “Year 14 is the year of ivory.” Instead of china for year 20 you can take a trip and state, “Since I couldn’t find any nice China I got you Paris.” You don’t need to take the list literally but it can be fun to play with a bit. Get creative, have a good time. Unique anniversary gift ideas like that are sure to leave a long lasting impact.

The Non-Gift Anniversary Gift
While most everyone loves opening a beautifully wrapped gift, often the best gifts are experiences, not material. Take your spouse out on the town, buy them a spa package, get them tickets to a game, concert or play. My dad hit a home run the year he got my mom pottery lessons (something to remember for years 8 and 9 on the list as well).

If you can’t think of something fun to do try getting nostalgic. Where was your first date? What was something you enjoyed doing before marriage? Whatever you did then, it can be fun to recreate that old feeling. Burn a CD or load your iPod with music from the time you were dating and listen to that on the way to go bowling or watch a movie. Eat at your favorite old burger joint or Chinese food restaurant.

I know that most men want to make their date feel like a princess and really, most women enjoy feeling like a princess; however, at the end of the day, getting all dressed up to go out for an overpriced yet mediocre meal can be a huge let down. While those types of dates are fun for some anniversaries, it can get boring by year five if it’s all you ever do. Mix things up a little and have a great time.

This type of laid back date gift is also great for last minute anniversary gift ideas. If you’ve seemingly lost track of time and didn’t see your anniversary coming, it’s never too late to throw together a casual date. No reservations needed, no fancy clothing required. This is an easy and fun solution for nearly any situation.

The Unique Anniversary Gift
Jewelry, candy, and flowers are all nice things, however, there are certainly more options out there for anniversary gifts. The best thing you can do, to find the best gift, is to pay attention. For a good month or so before you plan on buying the perfect gift you should start opening an ear to cues. Even after a few days you should have a pretty sizeable list of things they might want. A few basic ideas:

Original Art

Gear for Their Hobby

Music and Movies with Special Meaning

A Massage

A Vacation

“Pleasure” Gift Basket

A Handmade Family Tree

Vintage Wine

A Donation to Their Favorite Charity

While many of these items are not very romantic I must reiterate, what’s important are the personal touches and exhibiting that you’ve listened. Don’t buy something because you think that’s what every person wants for their anniversary. Make your loved one feel special not predictable… unless they are predictable, in which case jewelry and flowers or a tie will do nicely. Really though, unique beats the pants off of ordinary any day.

The biggest thing to stay away from is the gag gift. It’s okay to have a gag gift that you present only seconds before you reveal the real gift. A gag gift alone, however, is a huge no no. If you want to guarantee that you have a bad night, that’s the way to do. Even if you are sure that your spouse would enjoy it, you’re probably wrong. I am shocked by how many people love getting gag gifts for birthdays and Christmas but hate them for anniversaries. Use gag gifts with care when it comes to an anniversary.

Whichever direction you choose to go, just remember that a little creativity and fun go a long way. Unique anniversary gift ideas are everywhere.

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